Today's strip is named in honor of J Balvin's album, [...]

Friendly No More

Let the games... [...]

All The Teams Are Here

Well well well... And we get to see Jordan's bf, Oliver! Although we saw him once [...]

Street Rules In The Seventh Floor

That was Zoé btw... it's not really a [...]

Now The Other Thing Makes Sense

We learned things... we're always learning. Thanks For [...]

Storytime’s Over

Maybe there's more to Dom's story, maybe there's something Jordan is not telling us... anyway one more strip left! remember, if you want you can nominate us [...]

Rivalries: The Rise Of: Origins

I love long tittles. just a couple of strips more of this arc! remember, if you want you can nominate us for a Ringo Award in the best webcomic category! [...]

We Are All Connected

If you go back to 'The Company' story arc some of what Rick said was... [...]

Moments Of Past Years

You don't think I've forgotten about this? Although we don't have answers yet, only more [...]

Let’s Start This Tale

Stay home. Stay safe. And vote for us in the Ursa Major Awards! More info [...]