It’s Like White Noise

Can’t really blame her tbh… Remember! Next strip is up on friday!

  1. Awww, Rick looks so happy in the last panel, part of me feels like if he was so clearly excited about the topic, Helena wouldn’t even bother to filter it out and just tell him she wasn’t all that interested. These two make such a cute couple

    • Rick’s excitment in the ast panel reminds me of Jordi’s in the first strip of the arc. Aaaanyway, I love this couple as well!

  2. Yeah, if someone just started talking sports to me, any kind of sports, I’d have a hard time understanding it unless it’s depicted in a funny way when telling me how the sport works (like those two animated videos on basketball & football (the American one for those who’re reading this that aren’t from America) that was put up on Markiplier’s channel where Markiplier’s friend Bob explains to him how the sports are supposed to be played.

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