-Heeey now that's just mean Nes
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The 2020 Collection

A new arc starts! And what a way to start it, LOOK AT THE CAMEO! In case you need context, that’s Nes from Little Runt, an original story from Temiree. In the odd case that you don’t know who Tem is, he’s hands down one of the best anthro artists working nowadays, like top 3. He’s super talented and he let me use Nes for this strip! Go check Tem’s gallery, it’s pretty good. And follow him in twitter.  And he has a Patreon too, just go and check his art.

(And if you’re wondering about Nes’ response to Romulo, just google Barcelona vs Liverpool 2019, as a Barca fan that was… terrible)

Monday’s strip pushed to Tuesday

ALMOST last week of my semester, have to push next strip to tuesday. Maybe wednesday, we'll see! Thanks for your [...]

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Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad News PART DOS

EDIT: so a friend lend me a PC he had around, It already gave me 2 blue screenshots of death while running Illustrator, so updates might be slow for a bit! Hi, my computer [...]

New Poster!

Hey! Do you like cool stuff? I hope you do! I made this poster and you should give it a look! It's pretty awesome! I LOVE MINIMALISM! Here's the a bigger [...]

Animated Short-Film: Here’s The Plan

So, some days ago was released to the Internet an animated Short-Film that I've waited a lot for. It is called Here´s The Plan, and its a beautiful story about [...]

Vote for us on TOP WEB COMICS !

Friends You Are Stuck With is now on the TWC rank, go vote for us HERE ! And of course there are incentives, if you vote you'll have access to concept art, sketches and cool [...]

We’re on Twitter !

We're finally on Twitter ! You can find us as @FriendsYASW ! There we will be posting updates to the comic, announcements, sketches and stuff like that ! Feel free to follow [...]

Update Schedule

Hello ! Just in case you were wondering, FriendsYASW will be updated twice a week on Mondays and [...]