The Guilty

Wow, who saw that one coming? Nobody. Except like 90% of you.


Ask Us Anything!

A new section of Friends You Are Stuck With just launched! The ask section. So, for a while I've left the Top Webcomics Voting rewards on the side and not giving it the proper attention, that ends now! With the new Ask section, you ask the comic's cast anything you want to know about them and the answer will be posted as voting rewards on our top [...]

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Hey! Do you like cool stuff? I hope you do! I made this poster and you should give it a look! It's pretty awesome! I LOVE MINIMALISM! Here's the a bigger [...]

Animated Short-Film: Here’s The Plan

So, some days ago was released to the Internet an animated Short-Film that I've waited a lot for. It is called Here´s The Plan, and its a beautiful story about [...]

Vote for us on TOP WEB COMICS !

Friends You Are Stuck With is now on the TWC rank, go vote for us HERE ! And of course there are incentives, if you vote you'll have access to concept art, sketches and cool [...]

We’re on Twitter !

We're finally on Twitter ! You can find us as @FriendsYASW ! There we will be posting updates to the comic, announcements, sketches and stuff like that ! Feel free to follow [...]

Update Schedule

Hello ! Just in case you were wondering, FriendsYASW will be updated twice a week on Mondays and [...]