Of course that happened. Of Course
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Conviniently Placed Car

Animated Short-Film: Here’s The Plan

So, some days ago was released to the Internet an animated Short-Film that I've waited a lot for. It is called Here´s The Plan, and its a beautiful story about relationships, our long term goals and how we change as persons through time. It's also told through animal people. It reached all my expectations and I invite you to go and see it. It's a [...]

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Vote for us on TOP WEB COMICS !

Friends You Are Stuck With is now on the TWC rank, go vote for us HERE ! And of course there are incentives, if you vote you'll have access to concept art, sketches and cool [...]

We’re on Twitter !

We're finally on Twitter ! You can find us as @FriendsYASW ! There we will be posting updates to the comic, announcements, sketches and stuff like that ! Feel free to follow [...]

Update Schedule

Hello ! Just in case you were wondering, FriendsYASW will be updated twice a week on Mondays and [...]