Deep (Text) Conversations

A big rule of story telling is show don't tell. Imma break it right now, Jordi didn't want to bother Gareth with his problems, given that Gareth has his own [...]

Fancy Dinner

Ok so, if it's fine with you I'll be writing my end-of-season message here. I have something else planned for the actual Season Finale, which is the next [...]

Well… Who’s Hungry?

Second update for the week! Next one on [...]

Some Of The Things

-you're gonna miss 7 HUNDRED (700) STRIPS! A great personal milestone! And for this one, I wanted the whole main cast to appear. And there they are, plus a [...]


One more [...]

Arriving To The Festival

Gareth wasn't on the route, it was easier for him to just get to the venue. I really like how the first 3 panels interact in this strip. Kuddos to me. Also [...]

Get Ready With Me

Alright! It's a fancy night and everyone's invited! Fact: Zoé and Jordi are the only ones repeating outfit tonight, do you remember when they used their [...]

Definite Returns

Glad to see the pther half of the group was working on a plan themselves hahaha. One more strip to [...]

The Brothers

Today I had fun arranging the [...]

Now Let Them Go

This one was initially thought part of the previous strip, but I decided to divide them into [...]