Small Apartment Things

Saw this TikTok of a similar irl "apartment" in Manhattan, it was $2000 per month [...]

Staying Implications

Ok so, to be super clear: as said on his bio in the cast page, Gareth spent some time volunteering, right after he graduated. Initially he was supposed to stay [...]

Overdue Stay

Today's strip is brought you by Google [...]

Breakfast Recaps

Just as a reminder, before joining the group at the start of season 2, Gareth spent some time [...]

Morning After

It's a flashback!!! But, even though this is a memory, Gareth is alright and he did survided the events of the season 6 finale, so you don't have to worry [...]

Too Much Shine


Rise and Shine

And we kick off sason 7! And YES, of course Gareth is alive! I'm not killing him off, so yes, he's alive and breathing. Confirmed by the creator. Anyway, [...]

Invitations To The Pub

In panel 1, it's hard to see because Gareth's arm and tail fur color is the same, but he is hiding his left hand behind his [...]

Back To The Basics

I'd love to go back to that 19 year old kid who wanted to make a webcomic but he couldn't draw a line, and tell him that he'd be drawing 600 comic strips of [...]

More Days Of The Life

Just to be clear, in panel 10 he re-reads the mail he recieved on the previous [...]