Fancy Dinner

Ok so, if it’s fine with you I’ll be writing my end-of-season message here. I have something else planned for the actual Season Finale, which is the next strip.

The message, with this season that ends is the same one I always want to remark: Thank you. For taking time of your day to read this comic, this comic that I write and draw. Knowing that other people besides me care for these characters is a nice feeling, so thank you for enjoying this comic and these characters. Thanks for sharing it, for commenting on it, for all the interactions. It really means a lot. Having the privilage to tell this story for the last 7 years is that, a privilage. Thank you for staying and to continue reading it. As a small creator it means a lot having a group of people interested in what you do.

So to you, dear reader of Friends YASW, I hope you have a wonderful time these holidays, or as wonderful as you can make them be. And I want to  personally invite you to come back on 2024, because there are way more stories to tell about these 8 people. Hope to see you there. (But before that, there’s one update left for this season).

Thank You.
Gabe Bold.

  1. I notice you strategically positioned Dom so that we wouldn’t be able to see if he was smiling or not, very sneaky xD Also have a happy holiday yourself! Thanks for the invite, but don’t worry, even if you didn’t give it, I would still be coming back for 2024!

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