Xmas in November?

The most magical time of the year starts in december [...]

Orange Ninja




Offerings And Appearances



Given that the name of the arc is Choices, let me recommend you this song  I really like by To Kill A King, which name is Choices. It has nothing to do with [...]


It's true... Google it... James Cameron wants to make at least 4 more Avatar movies... [...]

A Tree Of Desicions

Let's remember Dan's last year's attempt Last arc of the season! (and the year). ICYMI, I've gone crazy and for the month of December we'll have an update [...]

Goats In Trees

Thanks for [...]

Being Sincere

Hey! So, finally the update is here! This one was supposed to be one big strip with next thursday's strip but I decided to split it in two... Arc's ending in [...]

Out Of Car Talks