How Things Are

Quick, Dom is hugging someone! Make a [...]

Small Spaces

Big cities, tiny [...]

Eight No More

And we're out of hospital [...]

Walks Through The Yard

So yeah, Gareth will step out of the flat for a little [...]

Doctor Recommendation

It's more a doctor order. Alright, let's keep it up with the [...]

A Helper

Eric is an intelligent guy, and he figured out Gareth. Nothing we didn't know tho Anyway, Eric is referring to THIS strip when they talked [...]

Good Reflexes

It wouldn't be The Weekend since it's already taken, but something like [...]

Solving Very Obvious Mysteries

I say taxpayers money because in their universe, there is a social healthcare [...]

Meet Your Doctor

It's Guy! Well, Dr Eric Rivers I mean heheh, remember how it was revealed that he's a doctor a couple of seasons [...]

No Smacking

No smacking, doctor's [...]