A Day In The Life

Montage [...]

What Do You Wanna Be When You Grow Up?

Really happy to finally show everyone something I had decided some years ago, like... 2020 to be more precise, the place to where I intend Jordi's arc to be [...]

Mind Is Somewhere Else

Something pretty big that I've been planning for a long time for Jordi's arc is coming on the next strip if everything goes right! Also, when you upload a [...]

Show Us The Video!

Welp... some unexpected [...]

(Not to) Dream On

But why why whyyyy are you escaping your subconcious mind Gareth? [...]

Alternative Solutions

So that´s it. Gareth found a solution to his issues. The [...]

New Video’s Out

Sometimes you need a break to work on other [...]

Not Fed Up


Jordi ft Corporate


Feline Support

Since joining the work force, I get those days once in a [...]