Accepting Invitations

Alright! A new arc begins today! This one will be a short one, and this one is more like an epilogue to Arc 40, and will follow Jordi's healing path. It'll end [...]

Helena vs The Spin

This is a spiritual sequel to the strip Dan VS The Spin Also, he's not dehidrated, just super [...]

Enrollment Day

Thanks For [...]

Sound Sleep

And he got the first good sleep in a long time.   One strip left for the [...]

Love & Healing

Really, James Blunt really knows how to write about [...]

Love & Grief

I promise the arc is now coming to an [...]

A Weight On Your Chest

I don't want to sound too humble, but I'm really proud of that Jordi's monologue. As a reminder, this was his first real relationship where he truly [...]

One Pack Of Gummies

All these facades/barriers he built, just needed a little [...]

All Good In Here

He's [...]