A Calm Debate

I really like the joke in this one... I mean, how did you expect this to [...]

Who Runs The World?

It's just a joke. Don't read too much into it. Actually, the Ponzi's scheme was actually first done by a woman, she scammed people first. But years later [...]

Trying To Get Relaxing Times

I wonder, what could be happening at the flat that is making it a stressful environment? what what [...]

The Early Mouse Gets All The Hay

Alright a new arc starts! Let's see how this ties with all of what happened in the last [...]

Audience Reactions

It's a good story that people find interesting, what can I say? That's Romulo's team btw, like, the Barcelona [...]

A New Air

Thanks For [...]

The Cat Is Out Of The Bag

YES! FINALLY! The revelation, I'm gonna be super honest. ALL the Rivalries arc, the tournament ALL OF IT was done with the sole purpose of THIS STRIP. RICK AND [...]

The Tracking Of The Missing Cellular Phone

You know how much I suck at backgrounds. BUT LOOK AT PANEL 2. Guys, I spent A LOT of time making that city background AND I LOVE IT. I'm proud of it. I hope [...]

The Case Of The Missing Cellular Phone

Sometimes I like long titles for my [...]

After Game Talks

What was Cecil referring to in panel one? You can read this arc to get the answer Also, next week we're back to our bi-weekly [...]