Pick U Up

Poppin' them bottles, let hm enjoy the [...]

The Red Carpet Night

They're all going to the premier, just Dan is doing the red carpet thing. Also, the Limo was paid by Romulo's producing company that is partially managed by [...]

Get Ready With Me

Alright! It's a fancy night and everyone's invited! Fact: Zoé and Jordi are the only ones repeating outfit tonight, do you remember when they used their [...]

Important Film Announcements

Dan will be able to debut his first professional short film in a film [...]

Finished Products

And a new arc starts! I wonder what Dan is talking [...]

Tennis Lessons

A one-off before beginning a new arc on monday! Felt like drawing something cute and this is what I came up with, very happy with the result. As a reminder, [...]

Possible Departures

And now we know who this coversation was between... Thanks for [...]

Definite Returns

Glad to see the pther half of the group was working on a plan themselves hahaha. One more strip to [...]

The Friends Are Alright

another hug! Two more strips left and the arc is [...]

The Brothers

Today I had fun arranging the [...]