The Nightmares Continue


Guess Who

Hello! Nominations for the Ursa Major Awards have started! We've never been nominated, partly because we don't have a huuuge following but we still want to [...]

The Nightmares Begin

When I say Sexy Background Saxophone I refer to none other than THIS Just wanting to be suuuuper clear, in panel 7 they're about to [...]

It’s Who You Know

I'm suuuuper excited for this arc, I hope you stick with [...]

New Management (for a week)

A new arc! It's name is inspired in Nightmare On Elm Street, are they safe in their [...]

Job Pitching

Alright a new season starts! And we kick it off with some new changes! First, NEW LOGO! a new design for the page! I'm still working on it, the dimesnsions are [...]

Season 4 Announcement

JAN 6 JAN 6 JAN 6 JAN [...]

End Of Season 3

And here we are, the end of our third year. The third season came to an end. If I could describe how I'm feeling, the best word for it would be thankful. I am [...]


One more till the season [...]


Two more strips lest in this [...]