Game Time

And just like that, she has Dom's table as [...]

They’re Here

Well well [...]

Watch The Water

She can't just say " because they're my brother and grandpa", it's just... no. ALSO, according to what I investigated (by watching a movie) PASS it's what [...]

More Attendees

Look! It's Bertrand! Of course he had to be here today. And officially introducing Bertie's and Jordan grandfather, Pops, or Mr Hartford! (and just to be super [...]

The Dinner Night Begins

Alright, we pick things up some days later! What will happen this evening? We'll [...]

Dinner Appointments

Part 1 of Hel(l)'s Kitchen is over. Part 2 will start immediatly after! Look who it is! Tim! Remember him? No, oh ok, it's Dom's brother. We only saw [...]

Dan The Benefactor

Yes, the restaurant where Helena (and now Jordan) works is called Irazú. As seen here and here. So you can see how this tangles with the main plot. And that'd [...]

How Things Are Going

Remember, Dan writes scripts, he has a... way with [...]

Other Things Are Also Happening

Other stories are happening as well 👀 In case you were wondering, this conversation is happening while THIS was [...]

Pirellin Stars

A couple of things I wanna talk about: A tire company making the most prestigius restaurant guide in the world? What was I thinking? Well it's actually [...]