Classy Comments


Director Of Photography

Turns out not everyone likes Dan... anyway, meet Ciara! Turns out that in this universe, giraffes don't have a long neck because they never needed one... who'd [...]

Paint Center

Well, the recruiting [...]

Yet Another Job

So he has his office job (which we don't know what it is, well you don't know, I do heheh), he teaches a spinning class on saturdays AND he avdices an athlete [...]

Money Advisor

Of course it's [...]

Fresh Produce

Remember when I said the Lights, Camera arc was gonna resume immediatly after? Well, it was but then I had this idea for this one-off and decided to do it! [...]

Next Step

Part 2 will come! Immediatly after! And look who it [...]

New Angles

It's like when in Zootopia the directors decided that the movie had to be seeing from Judy's perspective and not Nick's... Anyway, Jordi cries for everything [...]

Delivering The Good News

Maybe not the best way to start the [...]

It Finally Strikes

Those people in panel 5? No idea who they are, but somehow they [...]