Family on the Phone

FINALLY. This strip took ages to finish! Like, it's the one that has taken me the most this season! I really hope you enjoy it, it took a lot of work on this [...]

Motherly Motivations

There has been a few hints of Helena's realtionship with her mother, for example HERE and in the end of season 4. Also, child [...]

Back To The Alley

Aaaaalright, the shift is over, everyone can relax [...]

The Strategy is Played

Alright everybody, let's start wrapping this [...]

New Strategies Are Planned

We have a plan team! Also, just a quick reminder that Helena's last name is Bale! Also, at this point, Helena doens't know that tables 7 and 14 are Dom's [...]

New Strategy On It’s Way

Can you guess what the new game plan will [...]

Some Alley Talks

Jordan needed to hear [...]

Letting It All Out

Not what I was expecting [...]

Hell-Lena incoming

We all know what comes next. Tears. [...]