Zoe’s Reasons

Is that a good reason? It's good enough for [...]

Of Cats and Relationships

Welp... Actually if yuou pay attention to this strip back in season 4, you can see in panel 3 how Cecil reacts when Zoé says that they are not a couple. [...]

Seeking Peace Talks

Well, all is good. I guess this arc is over, rigth? right? [...]

The Final Results Are…

And we enter the third and final act of the [...]

Road To The Final

Never underestimate your [...]

Flippin’ Finally

Until writting this strip, I realized I never explicitly said that Rebecca has a very strong hispanic/lantinx heritage. And well, I've only had very few [...]

Get Ready To Flip

Hey, maybe you don't know how to play Flip Cup. I didn't know 'til a couple years ago. So, here: a video tutorial on how to play it. Not the greatest video but [...]

Motivating Your Partner

Did they really said that? Does it [...]

Nice Plans for a Nice Couple

The next game will begin [...]

Cloudy Feelings

In case you're wondering, Becca has been wanting to do a game night since [...]