Late Night Match

Ryan Fonte, young tennis player. Guess we'll never see how he looks li- here you go. Another athlete, but well, he'll never appear in the comic... [...]


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Routine Thursday

Ok ok ok, I hope you´ve been liking the arc so far and let me tell you next strip is going to be soooooo [...]

Parlez-Vous Francais?

I promise that next update will be more than 3 panels hehehe Also, remember to FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM! uploading one strip a day until IG catches [...]

A New Day

We start SEASON 3!!! And also big announcement, we're on INSTAGRAM! We are uploading one strip a day until IG catches up with the site. And not only that, [...]

Season 3 Announcement

JANUARY THE 4TH Then after that one, the comic will return to it's normal schedule of Monday and Thursdays! And, if there's something you'd like to see [...]

End Of Season 2

Wow... 2 years... 2 seasons gone by... And all I have to say is thank you. You let me have the chance to tell these stories, thank you for reading them and for [...]

Being Chosen

Be sure to come by tomorrow for the last strip of the [...]

Christmas Greatest Hits

Last year Kaskade launch a Christmas album... just wanted to let you [...]

Outdoor Family Activities

LOOK AT THAT BABY Also, for the first time ever we have a cameo! Two OC's of fellow artist Trendy, Trendy and Ashlee, make a nice appearance in panel 2, [...]