Brunch with B of Bettrayal

This is Zoe's 100th appearance! Also, I've been thinking about maybe doing an AMA section where you, the reader, can ask members of the cast stuff and [...]

Intervention Time

The group is taking action in the [...]

Minutes Pass by

Of course people left the stands, it's [...]

You’ve Been Fouled

A little lost in that Zoé-Gareth interaction? Read this arc to find out [...]

The Game Starts

We're in the endgame now Btw, Rick's team uniform is inspired in FC Barcelona´s third kit of last season. So each time you see it, imagine that [...]

Calm Before The Storm

The final match is about to [...]

More Results


Team Picture

Yes, they're the Eight-Floorers Football [...]

After First Practice

Yeah, Rick's in here [...]

First Practice

Ok ok, the team is complete. To the next [...]