More Participants

In case you forgot who Rick is, he's Jordi's kind of nemesis? You can read more about it in this arc and in this one! Also he was named after Rick Griffin, a [...]

The Box Is Opened

I'm not [...]

Uncharted Wall


Transfer Market

When the Transfer Market windows opens, is very common that a player from team A ends up in team [...]

Old Acquaintances

I can´t get the credit for Jazz-Kwondo. It was invented in the TV Series Happy [...]

Peaceful Methods

Some minor redesign to [...]


(Is it super clear thet between panel 3 and 4 they went up? Through the hatch of the previous strip? I thinkt it's [...]

The Key: Origins

You know... this arc is longer than I expected it to be.... anyway, the conclusion is [...]

The Key To Success