Arriving To The Festival

Gareth wasn't on the route, it was easier for him to just get to the venue. I really like how the first 3 panels interact in this strip. Kuddos to me. Also [...]

Pick U Up

Poppin' them bottles, let hm enjoy the [...]

Get Ready With Me

Alright! It's a fancy night and everyone's invited! Fact: Zoé and Jordi are the only ones repeating outfit tonight, do you remember when they used their [...]

Agreements & Foundings

And that's a wrap! Thanks for reading! New arc, and the last one of the season starts on [...]

Unifying Factor

Fun fact, I took inspiration in an actual match that happened earlier in July, the final score was 0-1 with a goal in the last minute. Here's the highlights if [...]

The Best Fan

Yeah... Jordi is not gonna let thisone [...]

Another Great Story

Not all stories can be [...]

Getting Closer

Closer to score, [...]

The Mechanic



Well, he's [...]