Meeting New Friends

Do you remember how I said at the beginning of the arc I wanted to dig more into one relationship? This is that relationship hehehe Also, they're wearing [...]

Delivering The Good News

Maybe not the best way to start the [...]

Red Piece of Clothing

Welp... remember always to [...]

Graduation Party

Thanks for [...]

The End Of The Game Night

Thanks for [...]

The Final Results Are…

And we enter the third and final act of the [...]

Flippin’ Finally

Until writting this strip, I realized I never explicitly said that Rebecca has a very strong hispanic/lantinx heritage. And well, I've only had very few [...]

Get Ready To Flip

Hey, maybe you don't know how to play Flip Cup. I didn't know 'til a couple years ago. So, here: a video tutorial on how to play it. Not the greatest video but [...]

Jenga Time

It's easy, you tie one hand with one from your partner and then you make the best of it [...]

Now You Draw It!

I spent so much time on this strip. Like. A lot. If there's something wrong, like a typo, don't tell me. I'll eventually see it. I'm [...]