Get Goin’

See? I can write cheap jokes as well. Also, sorry if the start of this arc has been a bit boring 😅😅😅, I ended up spending more strips than though in [...]

Editing Chores

To give you some context, Bayern Munich have won the German League for the last 10 years... yup, in row. Unless you're a Bayern fan, you pretty much hate them [...]

Online Friends

I can assure everyone that Jordi will not get viciously murdered... in this [...]

Just Enough People

What's better than one? [...]

The pelt

Alright! New arc! This will be a short one, nothing too fancy, I just wanted to... explore a relationship I wanted to dig more and now's the perfect time to do [...]

New Angles

It's like when in Zootopia the directors decided that the movie had to be seeing from Judy's perspective and not Nick's... Anyway, Jordi cries for everything [...]

Delivering The Good News

Maybe not the best way to start the [...]

The Art Of Perfectioning

In case you don't follow us on twitter, the results for the Ursa Major Awards were published and we didn't win (like, not even close hahah). Still, thanks to [...]

Draft 1

You know Dan, a script goes through several drafts... sure, you have 9 days to come up with a final [...]

Just Tackle One

Sometimes, you just have to finish the thing. Just go through it, then we'll see how good it ends up [...]