Script by Dominic Lowe

Even I don't know what Dom's job is. jk I do. Or do [...]

How To Job

I played a little bit with the panels today, I hope you like it! I always displayed the strips with the idea of what would happen if someday the comic would be [...]

We Are All Connected

If you go back to 'The Company' story arc some of what Rick said was... [...]

Ready Player Five

Jordan has a tendency for bending a liiiitle bit the actual story, like in here and [...]

Crazy Ideas That Might Not Be That Crazy

All that name thing was wierd... it's probably nothing In other news, last saturday the winners of the Ursa Major Awards were announced, we didn't win [...]

No Escape

Heeeey look at Mr Grant, the building manager! Gotta work on his design, cause he's waaay older than the gang Also, throw back to season [...]

Sharing Our Thoughts

This saturday they announce the winner for the Ursa Majors! Really eager to see the results, but also with my feet on the ground expecting a realistic [...]

Can’t Stop Thinking About You

So, this is officially the look of the bulding. I took inspiration in a building of my hometown... although that one is 7 storeys tall, this one is eight! and [...]

Is This Your Route?

I tried something simpler for the bus background, not sure if it actually worked... since this was a very long strip for me to make I tried simpler backgrounds [...]

House Hunters on TLC

Actual backgrounds [...]