The Path

It looks like Danny was copy-and-pasted in panels 3 & 4, he wasn't [...]

A Subtle Shout Out

Around 2011 I was following a lot of british youtubers, including this guy Christopher Bingham. And in 2012 he revealed this massive and super project called [...]

Gaming With Headphones

Since Savestate isn't doing a comic about it... Also, could you please help us land a nomination for the Ursa Major Awards? All info [...]

End Of Season 2

Wow... 2 years... 2 seasons gone by... And all I have to say is thank you. You let me have the chance to tell these stories, thank you for reading them and for [...]

Xmas in November?

The most magical time of the year starts in december [...]

Goats In Trees

Thanks for [...]

Being Sincere

Hey! So, finally the update is here! This one was supposed to be one big strip with next thursday's strip but I decided to split it in two... Arc's ending in [...]

Out Of Car Talks


Car Thoughts


Usual Suspect

Remember to drink [...]