Cool With This, Cool With That.

And know you know why Jordi sucks at [...]

Grunting Grounds


No Leads

They will probably never meet again. Arc's [...]

Call You by Your Name

Get it? Like Call me by your name, but he doesn't know her nam- look it's my comic I get to name the [...]

No Move

Remember Bryan? Well he has a name now. It's Bryan. Don't get too attached tho. We won't be seeing much of Bryan. Dan words, not mine. Not that Bryan [...]

Written Media


At The End Of Night

What are they dancing to? I dunno, to whatever you think they should be shacking it at! In other news, we didn't land a nomination for the UMAs. So if [...]

Testing Powers

Now, you may ask "if you don't like Tequila then why do you drink it?" to which I answer [...]

Reading People


Mah Drink 2: Refilled

Click here if you want to know how to help us land a nomination for the UMAs! Back to your regular programming! And hey, it's Last day for [...]