Watch The Water

She can't just say " because they're my brother and grandpa", it's just... no. ALSO, according to what I investigated (by watching a movie) PASS it's what [...]

Dan The Benefactor

Yes, the restaurant where Helena (and now Jordan) works is called Irazú. As seen here and here. So you can see how this tangles with the main plot. And that'd [...]

How Things Are Going

Remember, Dan writes scripts, he has a... way with [...]

Other Things Are Also Happening

Other stories are happening as well 👀 In case you were wondering, this conversation is happening while THIS was [...]

You Can’t Work Here

Yes, the café where Jordi works is called Hartford's! And that's Bertrands lastname, coincidence? No. (The Hartford family owns a lot of buildings on [...]

The Couples Game Night Will Begin Shortly

You remember what this arc is actually about, [...]

Dom’s Job

I have this friend, one of my closest. He... does stuff for other companies that hire the place where he works so he and his team can manage legal stuff for [...]


Thank you for [...]

Cool With This, Cool With That.

And know you know why Jordi sucks at [...]