No Escape

Heeeey look at Mr Grant, the building manager! Gotta work on his design, cause he's waaay older than the gang Also, throw back to season [...]

Sharing Our Thoughts

This saturday they announce the winner for the Ursa Majors! Really eager to see the results, but also with my feet on the ground expecting a realistic [...]

Can’t Stop Thinking About You

So, this is officially the look of the bulding. I took inspiration in a building of my hometown... although that one is 7 storeys tall, this one is eight! and [...]

Is This Your Route?

I tried something simpler for the bus background, not sure if it actually worked... since this was a very long strip for me to make I tried simpler backgrounds [...]

House Hunters on TLC

Actual backgrounds [...]

Team Bonding

Don't read too much into [...]

Moments Of Past Years

You don't think I've forgotten about this? Although we don't have answers yet, only more [...]

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

And we learned Becca's [...]

Now You Listen To Me

Is it clear that they're in a bus stop? Cause they [...]