That One Place

Click here if you want to know how to help us land a nomination for the UMAs! In case you need to remember that reference Dan just threw, here's the arc [...]

Mah Drink!

Look what you did! hey, it's thta time of the year! Help us land a nomination for the 2020 Ursa Major Awards! Read all about it [...]

End Of Season 4

Well well well, here we are. Four years have gone by. And 2020, what a year. Specially difficult for some, for most I'd say. Personally, I knew it'd be a weird [...]

Popped Bubble

Remember, next update on [...]

Dan & Jordi Set The Table

Ok a couple of things: 1- No, netflix isn't paying me but one of these past few days I wanted to enter into the holiday mood, so I binged this new netflix [...]

Fate by Poker

LOOK AT THAT! The 400th Friends YASW strip! What a nice milestone. Anyway, welcome to the last arc of the season, it'll be a short and cheeky one, it will [...]

Important Calls Are Made

Disclaimer: One of the rules of writing is write what you know. So, the two biggest universities in Cartmill City, The Cartmill University Of Art and Sciences [...]

The Assistance Problem

Disclaimer: One of the rules of writing is write what you know. From where I'm from, a semester in a state university is the best higher education you can get [...]

Convincing Answers (That You Must Not Dig Into Them)

Remember that Dom and Gareth work together, so that's why Dom would notice if something is [...]

Plan Number 7

while coloring I came to a realization, I think this is the first strip with all the dog-cast members and only them. Might be wrong, but I don't think so. And [...]