Picture Time

INFO about how to help the comic get nominated, HERE. It's cathartic ya [...]

Meeting The Parents

BUT THEY ARE CATS!!!! Welp, yeah. Jordi and Gareth are adopted. That was the plan since day one of the comic. And I'm so happy to finally "reveal" this! (It's [...]

Just One More Thing

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the arc is finally over! One more strip 'till the season finale! Be sure to check te update [...]

The Strategy is Played

Alright everybody, let's start wrapping this [...]

New Strategies Are Planned

We have a plan team! Also, just a quick reminder that Helena's last name is Bale! Also, at this point, Helena doens't know that tables 7 and 14 are Dom's [...]

Under Control

Everything is under control. Yup. Btw, in this previous strip of season 4 was already stated how they have a sound proof [...]

That Family

When Dom says "... I like to know who I'm giving my money to" he means rent And if you were wondering, here are couple of times we've heard something [...]

Bathroom Break

Meeeanwhile [...]

Taking Orders

I mean, I would eat what an inspector is eating too, it should be [...]

They’re Here

Well well [...]