The Revengers


Knowing The Enemy


Meeting The Enemy

Introducing Rick, he's a ferret and we'll be learnig more about him in the near future. By the way, he's named after an artist that inspired me a lot in the [...]

The Cake Was A Lie

A new Arc begins in which we'll be learning about the other occupants of the [...]

Hi, you !

Well, let me "introduce" you to Gareth Baga, Jordi's older brother. He's far away from home for some time doing his own [...]



Intermission: Foster The People

Another intermission ?!?!? Yeah... I have this super important project due wednesday and I couldn´t finish a proper strip. The arc will resume on thursday [...]

Intermission: El Clásico

Why did Jordi celebrate the goal like that ? So as you may or may not know, I'm a huge futbol fan. And yesterday -Sunday 23- was played one of the most [...]

Jordi vs The Kitchen


It Aint No Kids Game