Where Everybody At?


Conviniently Placed Car


Found One For You!

ONE HUNDRES STRIPS! Wow guys, we've reached this first milestone. After this we'll have 2 more strips and then the end of Season 1! It's been a long way, I'm [...]

Excessive Use Of Force. 10 Yard Penalty

REMINDER: Theres a NEW INCENTIVE in the TWC Voting stuff, so you can go an vote and see this very holiday-sy [...]

Daniel vs Timing


Time Goes By


New Logo (NOT)

By the way, there's a new incentive in the TWC vote thingy ! So go and vote and see it [...]

You Had Your Turn

For this month incentive in the TWC you have to know this, in the FriendsYASW Universe  there are more characters that haven't been properly introduced yet, [...]