You Can’t Work Here

Yes, the café where Jordi works is called Hartford’s! And that’s Bertrands lastname, coincidence? No. (The Hartford family owns a lot of buildings on Cartmill).

Also, remember when Helena got that job? Feels like AGES og!

  1. Either there is a story behind this worth it´s own arc, or “his guys” just took a look at Snoutbook and Dominic doesn´t have an Account.

  2. Plot twist, Dom was one of his “Guys”…
    or he works for the CIA… maybe both?…

    Also, it’s great to see how much detail the characters have by now.

    • HAHAHAHAH that’d be one heck of a twist, and very character fitting. Actually, Dom is planned to have a small -yet important- part on this arc! And thanks! Been working on that

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