1. Looks like reality has finally caught up with Jordan, I hope she’s ready for what comes next because it’s gonna be a wild ride!

  2. Yes Jordan they’re all wrong, “a sense of the real world” pffffft….
    But what’s more concerning are thier family problems and I think we will soon learn more about it.

    • Right?!?!? Let her be, she’s young and carefree. And yes, hopefully we’ll learn a bit more about her family 👀

  3. I’m caught up. At long last. After 10.000 years in that trash can I am free! To celebrate I shall conquer the nearest plan- no wait that’s Rita’s line. Nvm that.

    But indeed I am back. And damn, nice arc with the couples game night! Also, that comment from Tobby about being called Tobias. OwO

    As for this one, well, I guess it will be swim or sink for Jordan, but hey at least she has friends to count on!

    • Glad to hear you caugh up with the comic!!!

      Also, that comment from Tobby about being called Tobias

      Hahahah yeah, I was a bit surprised no one commented on that line 😹

      And yes! Jordan will be fine, she has great friends that have their back!

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