1. This. Is. Awesome. 😀 Awesomepawsome.
    Nice job with the borderlines! They’re almost perfectly aligned, great spacing.
    Looks like Daniel finally woke up from his hangover, haha. Still has fur, no permanent marker on face…

    • Dan is all recovered now ! And thanks ! it’s one of my favorites strips so far, in part because it´s the first strip where all the 7 main characters appear

      • Calling it; this will be the “month of ferrets”. 😆
        Between your “Rick”, Housepets!‘s Keene and Breel, and Oren’s Forge‘s Rask (Ahh!!! Awesome! Soon! 😀 )

        There is a Mustelidae takeover, and I can’t handle the cuteness!
        *wants pet ferrets*

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