The Couples Game Night Will Begin Shortly

You remember what this arc is actually about, right?

  1. Hehe, what’s Zoé up to?
    Also, I love the way your art style has evolved when it comes to drawing muzzles at an angle (Jordi’s face in panel 1) 🙂

    • I dunno, haven’t seen her all day” That’s probably what Becca would say regarding Zoé hahah. Abd thank you, I appreciate your words and I really like his whole pose on the first panel as well!

  2. Duh, of course I remember what the arc’s about: Dan’s gonna train for the Dan vs The Spin rematch and will ultimately win. Although, if that really was the arc, he would probably end up losing.

    • Well now I’ll have to change the ending since you spoiled it! Hahahaha, no but for real, I don’t think Dan will go near a gym anytime soon

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