All The Teams Are Here

Well well well…

And we get to see Jordan’s bf, Oliver! Although we saw him once before

  1. Hey, Fid- I mean Toby’s finally back! That’s cool, wonder what he was up to during his break from the comic

    • Hahahah, welp Toby has been just minding his own business. We do need to see more of him, right?

  2. Wohohoo…. who is that with Zoe? It seems its like I said, that this season is going to be very interesting and entertaining.

  3. Didn’t Zoe, at one point, emphasize that she’s not in a relationship with Cecil? Did that change, or is she just lying that they’re now together?

    • You are absolutely right, she has been very clear about that… I wonder if something changed 🤔

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