Pirellin Stars

A couple of things I wanna talk about:

A tire company making the most prestigius restaurant guide in the world? What was I thinking? Well it’s actually true, french company Michelin makes the Michelin Guide, which is where I took the inspiration for this Universe’s equivalent. I merged the brands Michelin and Pirelli to create  Pirellin, to avoid copyrigth hahaha. And to make it LIKE the Michelin guide, but not the same, with my own take. If you wanna know more about the real life secret agents that are the Michelin Inspectors, watch this video!

Secondly, today’s strip is 100% inspired in THIS SCENE from the movie Burnt (2015) written by Steven Knight. I love that movie, it’s not perfect but I highly recommend it.

Finally, I gave some very vague things of what was coming. Specially in here where Pedro states what is necessary for them to win their first Pirellin Star. And yeah, A LOT of exposition today hahah

  1. Oh no, restaurant critics, the worst nightmare of all restaurant owners. But with Jordan as waitress, what could possibly go wrong? 🙃

    I really like the idea with Pirellin, very fitting. 😀

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