Solutions May Appear

We’re back after that mandatory 2 week break! A lot to catch up on!

Also, I think this is the longest we’ve waited for “revealing” the arc’s name… huh

  1. Jordan as a waitress, I’m not sure. But we’ll see, maybe she’ll make it from dishwasher to millionaire Hehe..

  2. And we’re back in action! Glad you were correct on what happened so you could fix it quickly. And here’s hoping for some more peace and quiet!

    And Jordan as a waitress….well, as long as no one complains about the food they likely won’t get a cup or orange juice poured on them, so it should be mostly fine-ish.

    • Yes! Hopefully the rest of the season will be a smooth ride! And yeah, we’ll see how Jordan does in the service industry hahahahah

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