Party Trick

Ok, a few things:
1. There’s a couple of cameos in today’s strip. Panel 2, the last 2 on the left. First we have Mau, the OC of my friend and fellow artist Mau, go follow him on twitter, great artist! And the second cameo is the last character on the right, Macabre poperty of D-Rock, he’s being a supporter of the comic since literally day 1, often commenter and wanted to give him thanks for again, supporting FriendsYASW since day 1! He’s also an artist, go check his DeviantArt profile, he’s go a lot more of characters! (I asked fot permission for using all these characters)
2. I will NEVER. NEVER make an Halloween themed arc. That second panel took a lot of time. A LOT. Can’t go through it for a whole arc.
4. In case you were wondering, here’s what everyone in panel 2 is dressed as:

Background characters from left to right:
-Cat lady: Bloody doctor
-Lewis: Marty McFly, Back to the Future
-Pedro: Robber from La Casa de Papel
-Mau: Mexican footballer from the 2018 World Cup
-Mac: wearing a skull mask and a skull collar

now the main cast
-Dan: Vampire
-Gareth: Captain America

  1. A good friend is one who makes sure your alcohol poisoning isn’t too messy.

    And thanks so much for having Macabre here, he looks great! Of course Halloween would be a great time to move around without anyone batting an eye.

    • They look for each others back hahaha. And yes! I really like his skull mask, and figured this would be a perfcet scenario for him to show it!

    • Thank you! It took more than usual heheh, and same! Be sure to come by tomorrow for the season finale! It should be up at… some point hahah

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