Spoiler Alert

And with that, the longest arc yet is over ! (In case you're wondering, in the last panel the one talking is [...]

Processing Time

So my vacations are over and tomorrow I start a new semester at college. Let's hope I can balance studies with comix [...]

The Best Ex


Someone On The Phone

In case you're a little lost on the 4th panel, Jordi's last name is [...]

Suddenly… Floor


Breaking In


Pijama Party

This is a special strip, this is the 50th strip of #FriendsYASW ! Also, I wanted to acknowlege artist Andrew who did this absolutely amazing [...]

The Plan

By the way, special shout-out to artist ManuelMaz for making THIS drawing of Becca ! It's awesome and it's the first piece of fanart of the comic and you [...]