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Given that the name of the arc is Choices, let me recommend you this song  I really like by To Kill A King, which name is Choices. It has nothing to do with [...]


It's true... Google it... James Cameron wants to make at least 4 more Avatar movies... [...]

A Tree Of Desicions

Let's remember Dan's last year's attempt Last arc of the season! (and the year). ICYMI, I've gone crazy and for the month of December we'll have an update [...]

PS: I (Don’t) Like U

ROMULO TRANSLATION IN PANEL 4: I can't wait to make new [...]

The Root Of All The Problems

LOOK IT'S TOBY! Remember Toby? No? He appeared once here! Also, it's the second time Jordi uses that lumberjack shirt! (I mean, he has used it a ton of times, [...]

The Five 0′ Six

Some one-offs before starting the next arc! NO TIME FOR RESTING. (Also next thursday's one-off will be connected to this [...]

The Angelic Welcome Of Mr Lowe

Thanks For [...]