A Calm Debate

I really like the joke in this one... I mean, how did you expect this to [...]

A New Air

Thanks For [...]

The Cat Is Out Of The Bag

YES! FINALLY! The revelation, I'm gonna be super honest. ALL the Rivalries arc, the tournament ALL OF IT was done with the sole purpose of THIS STRIP. RICK AND [...]

The Game Starts

We're in the endgame now Btw, Rick's team uniform is inspired in FC Barcelona┬┤s third kit of last season. So each time you see it, imagine that [...]

Couple Attack

In Toby's defense, he was already there, Jordan just didn't noticed... thanks to [...]

A Tale Of Tails

I should draw more [...]

Captains Meeting

Part 2 of the Rivals storyline starts! The final game... the endgame. It's called Endgame JUST because of [...]

Team Picture

Yes, they're the Eight-Floorers Football [...]

Uniforms And Last Places

This is Daniel's 100th Comic [...]

Smoking Hot Texts

Remember, don't smoke. Bad for you but especially the [...]