She’s on the Guest List

I wonder which band is this event for... which band could this one be? Oh well, we'll find [...]

End Of Season 4

Well well well, here we are. Four years have gone by. And 2020, what a year. Specially difficult for some, for most I'd say. Personally, I knew it'd be a weird [...]

Party Trick

Ok, a few things: 1. There's a couple of cameos in today's strip. Panel 2, the last 2 on the left. First we have Mau, the OC of my friend and fellow artist [...]

Popped Bubble

Remember, next update on [...]

We Tried It Once

... Dispatcher: Sorry, you mentioned a fire? Jordan: Yeah no but that's fine, it's my friend and his arm Dispatcher: But you did say there´s a [...]

Street Rules In The Seventh Floor

That was Zoé btw... it's not really a [...]

Ideas From The Outside

I think this is the first time I put like a full speech bubble in a characters [...]

Tense Times on The 8th Floor

How are they gonna survive each other? [...]

What The World Needs Right Now

Another podcast I should have a Friends YASW podcast... The Friends YASW Podcast where I talk about... the... comic... yeah no. This strip is a [...]

Kitchen Adventures

Remember Pedro? Look it's him [...]