Ride Or Die

And remember, it was never about the money. Thanks for [...]


One more strip and then this arc is [...]

No Support

We didn't held Dom accountable for not supproting [...]

Me, me & me

We all have conversations like that... right? right? Yeah we [...]

Old Car Thoughts

Let's start wrapping up this [...]

Hobbies and Side Gigs

Is there a reason this arc is soooo car centric? But of course. Will that reason be worth it? I hope so. But I mean, just seeing Dom this excited should be [...]

Cooking Montage

You'd think the first cooking montage would be of [...]

This Strip Was Not Sponsored

But hey Mercedes, if you want to sponsor the comic, I'd be down to it Edit: Wasn't a fan of the car's color, so I changed [...]

No Need for Explanations

Some weeeeird feeling are going through [...]