They’re Here

Well well [...]

The Dinner Night Begins

Alright, we pick things up some days later! What will happen this evening? We'll [...]

Dinner Appointments

Part 1 of Hel(l)'s Kitchen is over. Part 2 will start immediatly after! Look who it is! Tim! Remember him? No, oh ok, it's Dom's brother. We only saw [...]

All The Teams Are Here

Well well well... And we get to see Jordan's bf, Oliver! Although we saw him once [...]

The Couples Game Night Will Begin Shortly

You remember what this arc is actually about, [...]

Dan vs The Spin

Dan did finish the class... and when he got off the machine he passed out a little bit. Also, Dom didn't took the car because, nobody uses their car in the [...]

Dom’s Job, for “real”

for real... ish. ish. I mean, he gets paid... so... it's technically a real [...]

Dom’s Job

I have this friend, one of my closest. He... does stuff for other companies that hire the place where he works so he and his team can manage legal stuff for [...]

End Of Season 4

Well well well, here we are. Four years have gone by. And 2020, what a year. Specially difficult for some, for most I'd say. Personally, I knew it'd be a weird [...]

Party Trick

Ok, a few things: 1. There's a couple of cameos in today's strip. Panel 2, the last 2 on the left. First we have Mau, the OC of my friend and fellow artist [...]