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Director Of Photography

Turns out not everyone likes Dan... anyway, meet Ciara! Turns out that in this universe, giraffes don't have a long neck because they never needed one... who'd [...]

Paint Center

Well, the recruiting [...]

Yet Another Job

So he has his office job (which we don't know what it is, well you don't know, I do heheh), he teaches a spinning class on saturdays AND he avdices an athlete [...]

Money Advisor

Of course it's [...]

Graduation Party

Thanks for [...]

Two Brothers

One more strip for this arc, two more for this [...]

A Shiny Star

Just a couple more strips to wrap up the arc. Be sure to check the comic on wednesday and friday! (And season finally strip on [...]

Legacy of a Father

500 strips!!! Can you believe it!?!? who would've thought... not me! Thanks to the ones who are following the comic since the start, and to the one who found [...]