Baking With Dempsey

DIRECTOR'S NOTE: Imagine a frame cut, like a *beep* in between each panel. I think that makes the strip funnier Also, I'm basing this in a YT series called [...]

Real Job

Alright! Another video with an athlete! I wonder what will it be [...]

Dom’s Tactics

This strip was waaaaay more complicated than originally thought heheh... hope you like [...]

At The End Of The Day, Friends

YES THEY'RE OUT. A couple of things, in case you haven't check our twitter, LOOK at this amazing Jordi Pop that my friend Charlie gave me for my birthday! [...]

Still In The Elevator


Try Another Exit

Remember, we're on IG and Twitter!... please folllow [...]

Another Day Saved by the TV

Remeber Alex? Danny's brother? Yeeeah you do. This was the last time we saw them! Also, what is Dereck watching? Well Bluey of course! It's this australian [...]

Oh yeah, him too

Dan is also there, but you know that [...]

Brunch with B of Bettrayal

This is Zoe's 100th appearance! Also, I've been thinking about maybe doing an AMA section where you, the reader, can ask members of the cast stuff and [...]

RomCom bad guy