Given that the name of the arc is Choices, let me recommend you this song  I really like by To Kill A King, which name is Choices. It has nothing to do with [...]


It's true... Google it... James Cameron wants to make at least 4 more Avatar movies... [...]

A Tree Of Desicions

Let's remember Dan's last year's attempt Last arc of the season! (and the year). ICYMI, I've gone crazy and for the month of December we'll have an update [...]

A Quick (And Sudden) Change Of Mind

By the way, wanna see a cool easter egg? Look closely at the headlines in the newspaper in THIS [...]

We Are Making A Movie


Seizing Opportunities

Translated First Panel: Jordi: There's one thing I don't get, how can you two be so close if you only talked by letters and only met until a couple summer [...]

PS: I (Don’t) Like U

ROMULO TRANSLATION IN PANEL 4: I can't wait to make new [...]

Setting Limits




The Beautiful Game

In case you wonder, this goal was 100% inspired in THIS GOAL This was the most demanding strips so far... I'm tired. Also, from this point on we leave [...]