The Motivation Team

Out [...]

The Art Of Perfectioning

In case you don't follow us on twitter, the results for the Ursa Major Awards were published and we didn't win (like, not even close hahah). Still, thanks to [...]

Draft 1

You know Dan, a script goes through several drafts... sure, you have 9 days to come up with a final [...]

Just Tackle One

Sometimes, you just have to finish the thing. Just go through it, then we'll see how good it ends up [...]


I believe that is a good advice, don't wait for inspiration to [...]


As you may know, I'm a big Housepets! fan. It's the biggest inspiration for this comic, and I try to homage it whenever I can. And for this strip [...]

Advisor’s Advice

Someone took a little vacation to [...]


So, yeah, 10 days is a very short time to have a script read to [...]

Unfinished Scripts

That conversation Romulo is referring to, heppened HERE in season [...]

Feline Stream

A new arc starts! Actually no idea how long it'll be, so we'll find out [...]