PS: I (Don’t) Like U

ROMULO TRANSLATION IN PANEL 4: I can't wait to make new [...]

Setting Limits




The Beautiful Game

In case you wonder, this goal was 100% inspired in THIS GOAL This was the most demanding strips so far... I'm tired. Also, from this point on we leave [...]

Full House Capacity

I'm in love with panel 3. Also, that's Romulo! He's glad to meet [...]

Everyone Will Go Out

By the way, Romulo is an completely fictional OC, in fact he's here and here if you wanna see [...]

Just Like ClickBait

I promise, this arc is not about football. It's just a little part of the story. By the way, artist Merlin did it again, he made this gorgeous drawing of [...]

The Letter For Your Future

A new arc [...]

The Root Of All The Problems

LOOK IT'S TOBY! Remember Toby? No? He appeared once here! Also, it's the second time Jordi uses that lumberjack shirt! (I mean, he has used it a ton of times, [...]

The Five 0′ Six

Some one-offs before starting the next arc! NO TIME FOR RESTING. (Also next thursday's one-off will be connected to this [...]