Let’s Start This Tale

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Real Questions Are Asked

That's what the arc is about! It's the story of how they ended up living there! This issue was adressed here and here in season 1, I think it is time for us to [...]

Alone Together in the Rooftop

Heeey, so I just wanted to say that take care of yourselfs. Don't go out unless you have to. Wash your hands properly, sneeze and cough according to the [...]

Baking Battle 2k20

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TV Appearance

That's his coach and his mom Something amazing happened! We landed the nomination for the Ursa Major Awards!! Thanks sooo much for nominating us! Now the [...]

Long Distance

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End Of Season 3

And here we are, the end of our third year. The third season came to an end. If I could describe how I'm feeling, the best word for it would be thankful. I am [...]


Two more strips lest in this [...]


Story time is [...]

That One Video