Dinner Appointments

Part 1 of Hel(l)'s Kitchen is over. Part 2 will start immediatly after! Look who it is! Tim! Remember him? No, oh ok, it's Dom's brother. We only saw [...]

Dan The Benefactor

Yes, the restaurant where Helena (and now Jordan) works is called Irazú. As seen here and here. So you can see how this tangles with the main plot. And that'd [...]

How Things Are Going

Remember, Dan writes scripts, he has a... way with [...]

Other Things Are Also Happening

Other stories are happening as well 👀 In case you were wondering, this conversation is happening while THIS was [...]

Pirellin Stars

A couple of things I wanna talk about: A tire company making the most prestigius restaurant guide in the world? What was I thinking? Well it's actually [...]

A Calmed Tuesday

So in my head, they (the restaurant) start their week on tuesday's, monday's is the place is always [...]

Worst Case Scenario

Disclaimer: This joke was inspired from a Gordon's Ramsey sketch, you can see it HERE. So I was talking to a friend of mine, Mau, and he said to me "You [...]

The Pusher

And that's her side of the [...]

Who To Fear

WHO IS [...]

No Higher Ups

Wait [...]