Dan The Benefactor

Yes, the restaurant where Helena (and now Jordan) works is called Irazú. As seen here and here. So you can see how this tangles with the main plot. And that’d be it… right? right? Unless, there are more people involved in this arc 👀 We’ll se on monday

  1. Huuh, I’m curious who could also involved here.

    I really like how you did the expressions in this strip, really nice work!

    • Ok ok, I can give you a hint. One is a main cast member, the other one is a supporting character that hasn’t appeared in a while. Like 3 years if I’m correct. 👀
      And thank you, I’m very happy with how they ended up lookig!

    • Thank you very much! I really try to make this kind of strips, where there’s a lot of dialogue between only 2 characters, as interesting as possible, and today the range of expressions really helped 😸

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