Some Answers Are Given

That's a lot of yellow text... and who gives that as a present for their friends? Me. I gave them all framed pictures of me. And they all have them. Except [...]

Results Are In

Hey, we're up for the Ursa Major Award for Best Comic Strip! All season 3 is nominated, GO HERE so you can learn how to vote for [...]

It’s not you, It’s me drinking those

Voting for the Ursa Major Awards is OPEN! More Info here! Vote for [...]

TV Appearance

That's his coach and his mom Something amazing happened! We landed the nomination for the Ursa Major Awards!! Thanks sooo much for nominating us! Now the [...]

New Fresh Strategy

Jordi is still processing the whole sliding [...]

Bar Surfing

Bar Sliding didn't sound as good ya' [...]

No New Notifications

Who does that? Well I do, and I recommend it! Silence you notifications, chats, twitter, wassap, it's super stress free! And I'm always checking my phone, so [...]

No Time To Celebrate

The arc is starting to end! Will they arrive in time? Will they be able to stop this madness? What's in those drinks? Everything will be [...]

The Guilty

Wow, who saw that one coming? Nobody. Except like 90% of [...]

Long Distance

Hello, It's me bothering you again with the Ursa Major Awards nominations. The time for nominate us finishes on Saturday. Please consider doing it, it'd mean a [...]