TV Appearance

That’s his coach and his mom

Something amazing happened! We landed the nomination for the Ursa Major Awards!! Thanks sooo much for nominating us! Now the voting part is next! MORE INFO HERE.

  1. Congrats on the Ursa Major Awards nomination!

    In the last panel, is Ryan pretending to be someone else? Also, who’s the guy in the middle? I mean, why’re they in disguise?

    • Thank you sooo much!

      Here’s the thing. This whole arc takes place in the 3rd week of January, that’s important because Ryan is playing the Australian Open. He invited Dan to watch him play. So what is happening now is that at this moment Ryan is playing a match and Dan is at the stadium sitting with Ryan’s team watching him play and the camera is with them for a brief time. Those are his coach (middle) and his mom (right). And the glasses… well that was a very sunny afternoon

      … I might have failed in making this clear hahahah

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