End Of Season 2

Wow... 2 years... 2 seasons gone by... And all I have to say is thank you. You let me have the chance to tell these stories, thank you for reading them and for [...]

Being Chosen

Be sure to come by tomorrow for the last strip of the [...]

Christmas Greatest Hits

Last year Kaskade launch a Christmas album... just wanted to let you [...]

Outdoor Family Activities

LOOK AT THAT BABY Also, for the first time ever we have a cameo! Two OC's of fellow artist Trendy, Trendy and Ashlee, make a nice appearance in panel 2, [...]

Xmas in November?

The most magical time of the year starts in december [...]

Orange Ninja




Offerings And Appearances



Given that the name of the arc is Choices, let me recommend you this song  I really like by To Kill A King, which name is Choices. It has nothing to do with [...]


It's true... Google it... James Cameron wants to make at least 4 more Avatar movies... [...]