It’s true… Google it… James Cameron wants to make at least 4 more Avatar movies… WHY?

  1. Yeah he announced those after talking about how there are too many superhero movies, đŸ˜›

    Also I’m curious about what species the Last Airbender characters are in this universe…

    • That’s a GREAT question and one I can only speculate about… I would guess that Katara and Sukko, being from the South Pole, they’d be like Arctic foxes (although the arctic fox can only be found in the northern part of the world… the question remains)

    • Good question. I haven’t seen it, but it does look like a visually astonishing movie. I think most of the hate I see for the movie is because of how it portrays the military and humanity in general? I’ve heard a review that said it shoved the whole “save the trees” thing as much as the 90s did.

    • Personally I don’t have nothing against Avatar, it’s an entertaining movie. Now, in my opinion, do we need more? Not at all

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