Yet Another Job

So he has his office job (which we don’t know what it is, well you don’t know, I do heheh), he teaches a spinning class on saturdays AND he avdices an athlete on what to put his money on. ANYTHING ELSE??? (Yes, you’ll find out shortly)

  1. One day the mystery will be solved.

    For the time being my money is on him being the head of accounting department of a super big multi billion dollar company, the average person doesn´t even know exists.

    • I promise that one day, there will be an answer. In the meantime, you’re not so lost with your guess… he’s not an accountant tho 👀

  2. Ok, so before you said you never told us that the Baga brothers were adopted cause we never asked, so taking a long shot, what is Dom’s job?

    • Well Ark, you get 10 internet points 👏👏, you’re the first who asks in te comment section! But no, I’m not telling hahahah 😅

  3. Hmmm, let me guess. He makes a whole lot of money for doing what he does? And he’s neither a accountant or a CEO or someone on some random board of directors. And he has the most trust for one to have to handle a butt load of money. Hmmmmm…. 🤔

    • Yuuuuup, you have those facts correct.I can give you this, he went to uni and he works in the field he has a degree on, so it’s a career that actually exists.

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