1. Haha, wow, his tail is super-floofy!
    Come-on Zoe! I wonder what her music was… 😉
    Working out on a rooftop is way better than at a gym. Get tired, look at the stars.

    • Though I’ve ben drawing for a couple of years now, I still can´t make a consistent fox tail ha ha ha ha ha. I think Zoe would listen to some old school rock, or even new school rock… so yeah, rock ha ha ha ha

      • I think the giant tail is awesome though. He can blame its inconsistent nature on the humidity, or he was on the couch and got all static-y.

  2. LOL, my comment went into moderation, but not the phishing scam above me.
    Don’t click on that link above, but do click these: https://codex.wordpress.org/Comment_Moderation
    And also [http://www.wpbeginner.com/beginners-guide/beginners-guide-on-how-to-moderate-comments-in-wordpress/]
    See, a work-around because WordPress is🍆

    • Thank you very much ! I’ll definitely look into those, these spam comments are real bother

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