Vintage Throwbacks


I wanted to try something for this strip as you see, I wanted to homage the first strips of this comic, and that although the art was… with a lot room for improvement, the story and the foundations of the main story of Friends YASW still stands strong, the bond of friendship. And that the topics touched in the first season are very relevant.

What are your thoughts on this experiment? I don’t see we will see something like it for a while, but I’m very glad I did it. Here’s to our first season!

  1. I love this throwback! It reminded me that Helena wasn’t a group from the start, and it really put the current arc more into context! Also, it shows just how far you’ve come as an artist. Not that the first season was poorly drawn (It wasn’t) but how your art style has changed and adapted over time, and you’re clearly more comfortable in that style than you used to be! Yes, this strip is great! Definitely do more like it when the need arises.

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