The pelt

Alright! New arc! This will be a short one, nothing too fancy, I just wanted to… explore a relationship I wanted to dig more and now’s the perfect time to do it! And don’t worry, this will not be a football themed arc, I already did that, it’ll just use football to explore this relationship. Ok then, let’s do it! La Peña!

  1. Whoa, thirty three arcs already? Congrats dude, that’s impressive. Also Jordi looks adorable in his jersey, all excited and happy

    • Thanks! And I know! Just yesterday I was working on arc 23 hahaha.

      So happy and excited, I’m sure everyhting will go his way heheheheh

  2. The only “football” team that I really know is a minor league known as the Las Vegas Lights. :/ (I gave football the quotation marks mainly cause I know someone who isn’t from my native nation will berate me if I said soccer. Even though soccer is the original name for the sport & the rest of the world (or at least the Brits) changed it so they wouldn’t be affiliated with the US or something, and the US just kept the original name).

    • Whoops, forgot to add in. (Added quotation marks as I don’t normally call it football but rather soccer. But as aforementioned above this post here, not wanted to get berated for calling football soccer).

    • Hahahaha, naaaaah relax, no one will get berated here, you can call it whatever you like! I just prefer football. At the end of the day, this arc is not about the sport, I’m just using it as a way to bring some characters together heheheh

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