The Office

So here’s the thing: Having the seven main characters living together in an office was always the main idea. I didn’t want to introduce this concept in the first arc “Welcome” because it was going to be a lot of exposition for the very first strips. So yes, they are living on the last floor of an 8 storey office building. Why are they there ? who else is in the other 7 storeys ? and other questions will be answered… in due time. I just want you to know that this was always the original direction for the comic.

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of those kinds of accommodations. Of course, I’ve never lived in the city.

    • I heard of something like this once, it was a british youtuber that rented an office with some friends and they lived there. So I … borrowed the idea ha ha ha

  2. Not sure what to say. I started researching apartments with businesses below them and ended up reading recipes for pizza with strange ingredients.
    I’m hungry now… 😀
    According to the internet, living above a pizza place is apparently either absolutely terrible or the most awesome thing in the world.

    I wonder what business is below our group of friends here. Could be absolutely anything!

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