1. Something you’d rather forget? Booze it out, it tends to work in sitcoms and dramas. Real life, VERY hit or miss, with a leaning towards miss.

  2. P S.: More spam in last comic comments section. They seem to pick the most obscure places to spam their services. Feel free to delete this (or any of my comments). I should make a real email and account for you and others.

    • Yeah I’ve noticed… I have also noticed that those spam comments only appear in previous strips and never in the current one.

  3. Love the comic so far! Although I did have one question: Has there been any romantic relationships between the characters previously? Or will that be something revealed Later?

    • Glad to hear you’re liking the comic so far ! And great question, the answer is: yes two characters did have a releationship somewhere in the past… but /which/ characters… It will be revealed in the future !

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