1. This…
    …this one was really smart, I really enjoyed the little double-team inside-joke against Daniel! I do feel like most wouldn’t get the joke without the alt/title text, so great call there. (I still don’t understand a lot of the references in the early Housepets! comics.)
    One small bit of advice/criticism, the poster of “The Powerhouse” shouldn’t have changed so much between panels…
    …or is it one of those awesome lenticular printed posters? 😉 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lenticular_printing
    And the height of Zoe relative to the “sold-out” on the window is kinda strange.
    I really do feel weird pointing things out, especially because I can’t draw anything considered art. I really like your comic; this is the first one I have been able to watch from its creation! 😀

    • Please keep pointing out this kind of details ! It’s really helpful to know the viewer’s point of … view. Anyway, you’re right about the poster, it changes a lot. And the whole perception of the-window/Zoe/sold-out-sign indeed looks kinda weird… the ideal relation between them is the one shown in the previous strip, I need to get more consistent in my backgrounds. Thanks ! And it’s great to hear that you’re liking the comic so far !

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