PS: I (Don’t) Like U

ROMULO TRANSLATION IN PANEL 4: I can’t wait to make new friends! 

  1. N’awww, kitten Zoe is adorable ^-^

    Also math time… if she was in 3rd grade(assuming she’s correct, as she seems vaguely uncertain) then she was about 8-9. That was 15 years ago, putting her at about 23-24 now, making Danny also 23-24, making Jordi 24-25, making Becca also 24-25, making Hellen 21-22. And then Gareth is 25-26…
    Why am I always so into trivial information…

    • Your math is right! Just that Gareth is 26-27, and those numbers might actually be a big part of the next arc… but let’s focus on the current arc! Hahahah

      • D’oh you’re right! I was thinking “2 years older” but I was looking at Danny’s age instead of Jordi’s.
        I’m intrigued now. But yeah, looking forward to the rest of this ^-^

  2. I love how Romulo is so used to being a famous person that he doesn’t even react to people fangirling

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