Meeting The Parents

BUT THEY ARE CATS!!!! Welp, yeah. Jordi and Gareth are adopted. That was the plan since day one of the comic. And I’m so happy to finally “reveal” this! (It’s not a revelation, it wasn’t a secret… you never asked tho hahahah). I did put some veeeery subtle hints that they were adopted, like in HERE in season 2, panel 3, Gareth saying that they started spanish and catalan classes right after they… “adopted us”, that was the full sentence. Also HERE,  Season 4 Panel 3, Gareth teasing Jordi calling him kitten. Another one was HERE, Season 4 as well, Jordi’s toast, “may we honor the family that has given us everything”. They did. When adopting them.

Anyway, glad to answer any question you may have!

  1. Oh wow, this was an amazing twist! You’re great at leaving hints for stuff like this, and I can’t wait to see the backstory of how the brothers found their family, I love those kind of stores

    • Thank you! And yes, we’ll get to see a bit of their backstory in this arc! Very glad you liked the twist!

      • I reread some of the arcs and in the 8th floor one, Jordie is revealed to have a soft spot for felines. You really do think of everything

        • Hahah yeah! It’s very cool that you picked that! There might be a liiiittle nod to his preferring on felines on this arc, you’ll see!

  2. This is so adorable!!! I love it <3

    And it's so cool to see al the hints! Makes me wonder what other hints you've placed throughout the comic! o.o 😀

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