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I played a little bit with the panels today, I hope you like it! I always displayed the strips with the idea of what would happen if someday the comic would be printed, but that idea is a litthe far fetched, so I may start playing with the panels more, who knows

Now, a lot of things are happening in the world right know, and I believe it is important to address them, because to not talk about them would be the same as ignore them. All I can say is: inform yourself. Get to know why the african descendant community is angry and tired of a system that is clearly not in their favor. I’m not here to preach, but I can recommend you THIS VIDEO by Emmanuel Acho that answers important questions.

In the case of this comic, Becca is a police officer. Her intentions of why she decided to become one are said here, “these are scary times and we need good cops out there”. With that said, I wont take the position of “not all cops are bad”, for that I’m gonna quote Chris Rock saying that in a proffesion like the police you can’t afford having “a few bad apples”, you wouldn’t accept that in something like airplane pilots. Not being bad is the bare minimum for that kind of proffesion.

I just wanna say, racism is bad and black lives matter.

Last and definitely least, the results of the Ursa Major Awards are in! And Friends YASW got last place on it’s category. At first it surprised me, but the more thought I gave, it became more obvious. When we got the nomination I felt like “finally, we’re in the same table as these other amazing webcomics” when the truth is that we aren’t. Now, I’m not sad or anything, but I am clear in that instead of pursuing these kind of things I should concentrate on expanding the comic audience.

So yeah, a lot of things to say today.
See ya and take care

  1. I like the creative paneling! And don’t discount having a print copy made one day. You never know! I’d certainly buy a print copy of this comic given the chance

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