• Your hunch was SUPER RIGHT !!! We needed (and still need) more Romulo! (I mean, just look at the name of the arc *wink*)

  1. Well, now which reveal will it be for why he’s there; he and Zoe just happened to bump into each other and decided to hang out, he was escaping paparazzi and she happened to be their to hide him, or they’ve been friends for a while now and she (probably rightfully, considering Jordi) kept this secret.

    • Hahahaha all I can say is that there will be an answer for that! Soon enough. (But I can say that Zoe might already answer it heheheh)

  2. … I really didn’t see that coming XD
    Is Romulo just not a morning person, or is he normally a bit standoffish?

    Oh, and I think you meant to say “she *lent* it to me” in the third panel, sorry if it was intentional, I just try to make the world a better place with grammar.

    • Good grammar saves lives! But after all the “t” and the “d” are fairly close in the keyboard

    • He’s not normally like that, he’s just a little hungover…
      And I could argue that since english is not his first language, he mistakenly said lend instead of lent… but the truth is that I messed up hahahahah thanks for telling me! it’s fixed!

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