Dom’s Job, for “real”

for real… ish. ish. I mean, he gets paid… so… it’s technically a real job

  1. Wait, THAT’S his job???????!!!! Dom dresses like he works at an office or something, this makes no sense!

    • Ok ok, here’s the explanation. As Gareth said last strip, Dom does work at the same company as Gareth. He does something very important and earns good money. Now this, that Dan caught him doing is just his “side job”.

  2. And that’s the job with that he can afford like every suit on earth?

    Well, I mean, why not, but…. that is very surprising.

    • His job in the gym is just his side hustle, he does has a real job in the same place as Gareth, which no one knows what it is. This Spinnning Instructor thing is just on saturdays, not his main job 😅

      • Maybe he is a spinning instructor for some super rich people and gets paid a lot?
        And have they ever tried to ask Dom about his job?

        • hahah I can assure you it’s a gym for regular-income people. And I’m sure they tried to get an answer out… I mean, you would expect that, right?

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