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Yeah, Dan is a Youtuber…. yep those kind of youtubers

    • Pretty sure the comments are really similar ha ha ha ha.
      Oren’s Forge is soooo good, can’t wait for chapter 2 !

      • I know I’m so off-topic right now, but LOL poor Res in a cat crate! Housepets! is the second webcomic that I fully read.

        And your word bubbles are getting much better! I keep looking for a great tutorial I saw about a year ago, but can’t seem to find it again. You definitely have the correct placement. Most people seem to add the speech and bubbles in post-production, but in a few comics I read the bubbles are hand-drawn and I can’t really believe it because it’s so perfect.
        Blah blah I’m rambling. I can’t draw. Your comic make me smile. 🙂

        I love the split panels three and four.

        • Housepets is soooo good, Res is the best ! And thank you, actually I got the idea from watching Rick’s streams, he puts the dialog in pre-production, I’m glad I’m getting better at drawing bubbles ha ha ha. Great to hear that you’re liking the FriendsYASW so far !

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